Our goal: teach kids to swim and train swimmers & divers to win!
Swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming are growing sports nationwide that help children and adults stay healthy, safe and fit. Several Olympic swimmers and divers have come from the Cincinnati area, including Becky Jasontek Tomsic (2004), Dan Ketchum (2004), Nate Dusing (2000), Joe Hudepohl (1996, 1992), Becky Ruehl (1996), and Kim Rodenbaugh (1984). Click here to view them all.

The Issue: Most Southwest Ohio schools do not have a pool. In fact, most of the swim clubs do not even have access to an Olympic size training pool, and diving wells are even scarcer. Our Mission: To provide the Greater Cincinnati Aquatic Community a World Class Teaching Facility - featuring multiple state-of-the-art pools and a tower diving well - designed to enhance swimming and diving instruction, host competitive events and offer user friendly amenities for participants, families and event organizers.